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Stickers Galore!

Well everyone, I have finally done it. I have started making stickers! Mind you that I am still working out the kinks in the designing itself, but when I tell you that i feel like a mad scientist measuring and writing out notes, planning color schemes, and adjusting paper, i really do. I give a lot of credit to those who figured out the sticker business a few years ago, because even now with even more technology then there was at the time it's even trickier! Or at least it is for me. But as we all know, it does get easier over time and we must trudge on. The fun thing about it all though is I have come up with my own characters. We have Milton the Dinosaur, Pollen the Queen Bee, and Fritz the Cat.

With making these sticker designs, it really is just something fun to do, dabbling in other types of art, especially something different than what you usually do. It keeps you fresh, and your mind going, plus it's pretty cool to see a sketch turn into something that you can take anywhere! So, if you feel inclined to check out my little Sticker Business check out my Etsy Page! You can find me under AnimalsByChloe.

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